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It’s always been a wonder to me that our nose is right above our mouth and yet we cannot smell our own breath. So it is with our minds. We are actually thinking thoughts that we are completely unaware of that we are thinking. 

This is what I like to call the background music of our mind. Background music was a novel idea back in the 1910s. Erik Satie came up with the idea and called it furniture music, a play on the usefulness of the music, in setting the mood and the idea that you wouldn’t really notice it. 

Changing the background music in our mind is just as easy as changing the station of music we want to listen to, if we know how to do it.  

Four years ago I experienced overwhelming anxiety. It was situational and for three days I felt the relentlessness of the constant uncomfortable jittery nervous feeling, the hole in my stomach and the inability to sleep. When my emotions returned to normal I was explaining to my husband how grateful I was that those feelings went away and he said to me, 

“For me, they never go away.”

That was it. It was at that point that I woke up completely to his suffering and dedicated so much time, energy and effort to helping him no matter the cost. 

There were many things we did and many miracles that came our way. The first was nutrition and Chinese herbs and soon after those adjustments my husband was sleeping at night and making unheard of progress. We stuck with what we learned in that category and that alone brought huge success. 

A holistic approach is sometimes an answer, according to Mesha

However, as our path has continued we have learned that he needed more and the information we learned next was vital for all of us. 

We learned how to take care of our minds and to be responsible for the condition of our hearts.  I started to learn about our neurochemistry and how our thoughts equal our feelings and that is what creates the chemicals in our body. I learned about changing our brain patterns. I found heart coherence and learned how to feel regenerative feelings. I completely geeked out and still geek out over the works of Dispenza, Hawkins, Boc, Tolle, Dyer and more. 

At one point on the journey I heard Tony Robbins ask “How many people do you know who are on antidepressants that are still depressed?” When the answer came back that most of them are still experiencing depression he responded with, “That’s because they are not taking responsibility for their neurochemistry.”  This rang with so much truth through my body because I had seen it in my own life. However it also made me a sad thinking that  most of us are totally unaware that it is something that we need to be responsible for and even if we are aware we may be totally lost in figuring out how to do that.

Mesha with her son, location and date unknown.

When my husband learned about our brains and how much our brain likes to repeat negative feelings and can become addicted to stress it made him feel normal. It helped relieve the fact that it was happening and then learning what he could do about it gave him POWER. 

No matter what you FEEL, there are some things about the way you think, the way you believe, your mindset, that if you desire to see and you are willing to shift it, it can open up new ways of living you may have never before experienced. 

You do have the ability to change the music that is playing in the background of your life and that music is what determines how your life goes.

You can learn how to rewire your brain and how to live in a blissful high vibrational state inside.  Eckhart Tolle said that, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” This is what I teach. I teach people how to get things right on the inside because when things are right on the inside it makes all the difference in the world.

One of my favorite tactics to get started on this road is to learn how to shake off stress. Animals do this instinctively and it’s exactly as it sounds, literally to shake. You can also laugh, dance, cry or breathe but shaking is what animals do. They have studied them and watched their heart rate return to normal after a stressful event and a good shake!  

This is advantageous for us not only in the moment but the more we learn to let go of negative feelings the more we are teaching our brain to do that by default. When we can teach that to our subconscious brain we are becoming a different being. Anytime we consciously choose a pattern it’s easier for our brain to automatically choose the preferable feeling / action the next time something like stress comes your way.  Getting in your brain and rewriting it is simple. It takes action and it is a bit easier if you have some help. I made a sheet to give you my top three tips for dealing with stress and you can print that for free here.

 It’s just a good reminder for you to hang on your wall and it’s there for you if you want it! 

I genuinely hope that by reading this article you at least have a glimpse into the idea that life can be how you want it to be, you can create how you want to feel. Plant that seed and so many things will start coming your way to support you on your journey.

Feel free to check out my podcast Mindset Check, look for me on Instagram @myfriendmesha and if you are interested in the group coaching that I do you can DM me there!

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