What is Catori

Bringing the Spirit of Community to News in Southern Utah


Catori Utah has finally debuted.

Designed to bring the spirit of community back to news in Southern Utah, Catori is doing just that. From articles like: “The St George Mayor At Home” to Candle Making In the Desert-It’s Possible”; Catori is aimed at community amplification and showcases curated articles you can #getexcited about. Categories include, lifestyle, events,  community,  human interest, reader submitted, and so much more. 

Focusing on the good, and the beautiful opportunities that happen in our community, we’re here to make a difference.  We’re here to give you an experience when you read a Catori Article.

It’s all about #community here.

When asked about the name,  the word Catori means spirit in Native American, said founder of Catori Utah. We have such a spirit-filled local community where residents are proud of their pioneer heritage,  and innovative spirit, so the name Catori was a must for the brand. The name ‘Catori’ is the perfect ode to our landscape & the people who’ve come before us. Native Americans, Pioneers, Innovators; Utah is full of intentionally; so it’s all about #community here. 

“The inspiration from Catori happened in an instant. I went to a Coyote Tales storytelling event in a park with my friend Katey. This storytelling event was free and had a great turnout. What I wished most was that more people knew about this event to promote connection and community. I felt like there was a gap in knowing what is going on with our neighbors, and the people that make this place home for me.”

Founder of Catori Utah

We are here to provide spirit filled community news to Southern Utah. From stories about your neighbors, to hidden spots to explore, to stories about how your favorite businesses got their start, it runs the gambit. 


Spirit filled intentional news is what Catori Utah is all about.