Chic Over 50: Helping Others Be the Best Versions of Themselves

What started out as a passion project, helping friends dress and feel their best, turned into a major lifestyle brand. Shauna Grow with Chic Over 50 has garnered an instagram following, making friends wherever she goes. We all have that one friend that knows how to put together an outfit so well it’s iconic, but Shauna is the embodiment of an icon when it comes to putting items together

Tell us about you and how you ended up in St George, UT? 

Ended in SG because I remarried after 39 years of marriage. SO HAPPY here except the fact that all of my family is still in SLC. I go up often for performances, birthdays, etc.

How did your blog come about? And where has this journey taken you? 

My BLOG started really by accident. It was going to just be a hobby. I had no idea it would turn into a business. It’s a long story, but basically it gave me a way to get out of a very disturbing marriage. It provided the means, the support of women, the courage to finally put an end to a lot of awful circumstances. Now CHIC OVER 50 is a full-blown business and working full-time and then some.

What is the best part of connecting with your followers? 

My followers are extremely supportive and encouraging. That’s the one thing that has surprised me is how much they listen to me and are inspired by me. It still blows my mind. I spend a lot of time staying connected to them the best I can.

Many of your fans would love to be styled by you, do you have paid packages for that? 

I don’t really have styling packages. But when people are interested, there’s always room for a discussion. Styling other people has always been something I LOVE to do. I used to be a photographer and styled many sessions for my clients.

What are some things people would be surprised to hear about you? 

People would probably be surprised to see how simple I really am. I don’t require a lot, I work MOST of the time. And I’m extremely self-conscious!

Tell us where we can find some of the iconic outfits you wear.  

I shop mostly at Anthropologie, Athleta, Lululemon, Nordstrom. I wear a lot of CHICOS too but that is sent to me. Most of my looks are linked on my blog and through LIKEtoKNOWit.

In your opinion, what is the most important piece of an outfit? 

Probably the most important thing in an outfit would be COLOR and accessories. Color is key in lookin your best. It can make ALL the difference. Accessorizing is what puts the exclamation point on a look and can make it or break it!

What is it that we should know about fashion in your opinion? 

Fashion is all about confidence. If a person feels good in something, more than likely she will look fantastic. It’s VERY TRUE! And…. Keeping up with the trends can make a difference too. I encourage women to not get stuck in a time warp….. including THEIR HAIR!

Where is the most underrated place to shop?

TARGET might be the most underrated place to shop. I find some great things there! It could be a great place to start if you want to amp up your wardrobe on a budget.

What do you do to wind down? 

Winding down for me, is spending time with my husband doing anything. We often just sit on the sofa together while he rubs my feet! HEAVEN!!!

What is your favorite beverage? 

Favorite beverage is water. Really don’t love drinking my calories! 🙂

While you’re good at fashion, share something you don’t excel at. 

I don’t excel at anything business….. HARDEST PART about what I do is the business side.

Where can we find your social accounts and websites? 

Instagram @chicover50


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