Full Circle Jewelry with Chantex Designs 

Tell us about you and how you ended up in UT? 

We were looking for a change and a slower paced lifestyle away from So. California. Because of Covid we could not make our move to Bali when the opportunity arose, so St. George was next on our radar. My Mom lived her (before she moved to Morocco) and I always loved visiting St. George as it always felt like coming home when I’d visit. I love how the people of St. George are so family and community oriented.

How did you start Chantex Designs & What was the inspiration?

I love to shop and would bring home unique one-of-a-kind pieces of handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry.  Every time I wore an item someone would complement me on that piece.   Before I knew it, I would have a list of jewelry that friends and family wanted me to look for and bring back from my next trip.  One day when shopping (for friends and family) I had that “AHA” moment and told my husband that I could do this as a business, he just grinned and said go for it. Knowing I could combine my joy of travel, jewelry and shopping for unique items just seemed to make this a no brainer.

What’s the sourcing process in picking out the pieces of jewelry? 

Over the years I have made lifelong friendships with a few small family-owned jewelry businesses in Bali and Thailand. I always look for pieces that I feel are unique, one of a kind and of quality workmanship. The uniqueness of the pieces and quality are what set our jewelry apart from others. I also look for pieces that are affordable for everyone’s budget.

What is it about supporting other businesses in other countries, especially women & women with families so meaningful to you? 

It’s important to me to know that I can help families support themselves without having to do the traditional 9 to 5 job – Some of our jewelry is made in small family-owned factories that have flexible work schedules while other pieces are made in the artist home, taking away the need to hire outside help to take care of family. I understand how hard it is for mothers to be able to contribute to their family financially and still be hands on with taking care of their children or aging parents. Growing up in the 70’s as a latch key child (my Mom will hate this description) I understand how hard it was for my single Mother to have to go to work everyday to support her family knowing her kids were at home – if I can help take the worry away from other mothers with regards to caring for their children on a daily basis that gives me great joy.

How do you identify and select small businesses in other countries to partner with for jewelry sourcing?

I’m very fortunate to have made many lifelong friends from around the world while on my travels who are in the same business as me. We have been able to help each other find quality jewelry suppliers through trial and error. The community of fellow businesswomen from around the world helps make this an enjoyable venture. To me it’s not just about the quality and uniqueness of the jewelry but it’s about the mission of the company I’m working with. Their giving back to their community is very important to me and all my suppliers do that one way or the other.

In my travels I am always searching for the next addition to our jewelry line. I seek out small businesses that are trying to make a difference in their community. I love going to outdoor markets and seeking out small businesses that have unique jewelry and mission stories. Their jewelry is not only made by their hands but made by their heart.

What is your family or spouse’s role in helping you with your business? 

My husband is my biggest cheerleader – he is the one who started asking questions about how to purchase jewelry at affordable prices and has encouraged me every step of the way. He is my sounding board for decisions I make daily. We don’t always agree on things but we come together as a team.

What strategies or initiatives do you undertake to support the growth and development of the small businesses you work with, and how do you measure their impact?

By traveling and sourcing unique jewelry from around the world I can bring a piece of that culture back home. Our mission at Chantek Designs is to share the beautiful and unique treasures we find on our travels and offer them at affordable prices. If you never go to Bali or Thailand you can still have a piece of the beauty from there and the knowledge that you are helping a community make a better life for themselves.

I feel like our vendors are family now, they always make me feel welcome when I show up at their shop. They are always eager to share with me what’s going on in the local community and how they have helped improve things for the workers. I know when I’m in Bali or Thailand I’m never alone as my vendors are always eager to help me with anything I need.

What is the best part of connecting with your clients and jewelers? 

My customers are the best – I enjoy being able to share my travels with them and hearing about places they have been to or dream of going. Just being able to talk to them at Markets is the highlight of the market for me – don’t get me wrong, I love making a sell but connecting with people is my greatest joy. Their support means so much to me as it allows me to continue to support the community of artisans in S.E. Asia. Being able to find a piece of jewelry that makes someone happy makes me happy. The joy for me of finding a piece that I know a specific customer will like makes my day. My heart is in three countries at any given time.

What are some things people would be surprised to hear about you? 

You might be surprised to know that I’m not a natural Red head

Where can we find your social accounts and websites? 

You can find me on
Facebook @ https://facebook.com/chantekdesigns
Instagram @ https://instagram.com/chantekdesigns
Pinterest @ https://pinterest.com/chantekdesigns
Lemon8 @ Chantek Designs’s Post|Lemon8 (lemon8-app.com)

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