The Story Behind the Brand- Buttermints

While supporting the the big candy brands is, well, always an option, smaller brands like Buttermints exist, and provide a more gourmet and intentional alternative with their impeccable branding and delectable mints- and shopping local is always a good choice.

Buttermints won’t stay small for very long however, as a stint on the HSN television show had them sold out in hours. The brand has grown from its infancy in perfecting the buttermint batches, to perfecting the brand. 

  “We’re just here to make you happy” said the founder of Buttermints as he reflected on the progression and refinement of his business. “I was surprised that none of the major candy companies sold butter mints as ‘Buttermints’ the name ‘butter mints’. So it was an easy yes” “We started small and gradual, sharing the love of Buttermints”. “There’s so much that goes into it, but at the end of the day we’re just here to make you happy. That’s what candy does. From weddings that buttermints are known for, to just your end of the day pick me up. We want you to be happy. That’s our brand.”

According to the website, everyday is an occasion to celebrate!! At Buttermints, we make buttermint candies to celebrate all life’s special moments. By using a unique blend of ingredients to make every butter mint something special. Show them how much you care with a tender kiss of buttery sweetness. Give them a traditional morsel of buttery sweetness with a twist. Because at Buttermints we believe
everyday is an occasion to celebrate!

Here’s the link to their website. Enjoy!