The Gems of St. George

Just like living in the beautiful state of Utah, half of us want it for ourselves, but what is life without community? We reluctantly but happily share the hidden gems at our favorite restaurants. (And we hope you get our sense of humor at Catori Utah. It’s all in the delivery, right?) 


Speciality: Good food, great coffee, excellent customer service. 


While everyone knows that PERKS is a Southern Utah staple offering a mean selection of coffee & teas; they have also perfected a delectable lavender lemonade. It’s crisp, sweet, but not too sweet;  and tangy, but not too tangy. You really can’t go wrong with the lavender lemonade. It’s not on the menu, so you’ll have to ask for it. If you go with the blended instead of regular, we prefer it with half the normal amount of ice so you’re not stuck with a brain freeze. They have a ton of non-caffeinated drinks as well, such as smoothies. You’ve got your classic strawberry, banana, mango; but if you’re wanting an extra healthy boost, the apple carrot is genuinely good, and good for you. 

The white night is the number one seller right now if you’re looking for a coffee drink! 


For food, to pick one entree would be hard. If you’re looking for something healthy, the vegan sriracha tempeh reuben is a must;  and  if you’re looking for hearty, the greek turkey wrap is excellent.

To top it off, desert is the best with gluten free pastries that knock your socks off. 

Overall, Perks delivers, they make your drinks the way you like them, and strives for excellent customer service while maintaining the best quality ingredients. 

Hours of Operation:

  •  Saturday 6AM–7PM
  • Sunday 7AM–5PM
  • Monday 5:30AM–7PM
  • Tuesday 5:30AM–7PM
  • Wednesday 5:30AM–7PM
  • Thursday 5:30AM–7PM
  • Friday 5:30AM–7PM

This cafe is such a great addition to St George. Devon and his crew are introducing new ideas to St George while still catering to those with picky appetites. Onyx specializes in: woodfired pizzas, handcrafted gelato, and specialty drinks. Onyx Cafe offers these pizza and vintage soda options in what they call a neo-traditional concept. They take styles of the old world and add a modern touch. All of their recipes are made from the ground up!

FOOD & DRINKS: We had the margarita pizza, the khachapuri, lime rickey, mayan Iced cocoa, spiced apple cider sorbet; and all of the choices we made we truly loved. Not only that, Onyx has done a tremendous job with educating its customers on the quality ingredients. One important fact to note is that most items are made in house. They make the mozzarella, chocolate, dough,  sauce, drinks, gelato. Need we say more? You don’t want to miss this great restaurant.

Hours of Operation:

  • Saturday 12–8:30PM
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 12–8:30PM
  • Wednesday 12–8:30PM
  • Thursday 12–8:30PM
  • Friday 12–8:30PM

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